Servicing the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

At i Entertainment, our purpose is to create a custom team building program that fits your business need. We work with you to bring your guests unique and exciting programs. In the process of doing so, we make planning the entertainment for your corporate event easier on you. We want to give you one less thing to worry about. 
Let us be your entertainment superheroes (capes and tights not included).

  • Cameron Fox

    Cameron Fox (our Chief Creative Officer and owner) has over 17 years of experience as a professional emcee and entertainer with thousands of events to his credit (both corporate and social).  He is an active member of several event industry organizations including Meeting Planners International (MPI), the National Association of Catering and Events (NACE), and the International Special Event Society (ISES).  He is a former board member of both NACE and ISES with several awards to his personal credit.  Through NACE he has been awarded the Event Professional of the Year and Entertainment Company of the year twice.  He is a professional public speaker, team building facilitator, and lead host for most of our game shows.  He has also taught improv and public speaking work shops.

  • Tonya LeClair

    Tonya LeClair has been with i Entertainment longer than anyone short of our owner (and there are days when it’s a horse race between them). Tonya is kinda perfect for us. Having been a medical assistant with an extensive background in administrative work, she understands attention to detail which is critical in detailing client events. She an ‘Organized Multi-tasking Planner’. We’re pretty sure that those three words strung together all mean the same thing – but someone has to keep us straight and if those three words hit that point home, she can use all three. She is also one of our lead pit bosses with our Casino Services and organizes both our dealer and contractor training classes (and she’s a stickler for being on time or early – so training our folks that way is a good thing).

    When she isn’t working with us, she is a dedicated wife of 24 years with a son who she is deeply (and rightfully) proud of. She loves to bake. it’s not unusual for there to be something in the break room that we all want that will violate our diets. And on the weekends she teaches 3rd Grade Religious Educational classes for her church. She is one of the rare folks who genuinely believes that you should try to be nice to everyone. When you contract with i Entertainment, you’ll most likely talk with Tonya first. She’ll take good care of you (so her being nice to everyone goes a long way in her job description).

  • Heather Rendon

    Heather joined our team in 2014 she has a background in hospitality she was in the hotel industry for 7 years before coming to iEntertainment. She worked in several areas of the hotel industry but ultimately she found that her passion was events. She is also our resident animal lover. With an office dog we thought we had that area of the company covered until we met Heather. She is always happy to show you a photo of her “babies” and is probably the person you see trying to save all the stray cats and dogs in your neighborhood.

  • Ahmi Roberts

    Ahmi is our Event Services Manager and handles all of our event staffing, equipment procurement, and vehicle logistics. Ahmi started as an event contractor and quickly moved into a full time position being one of our ‘go-to' staffers that we love having around the office.

    Before coming to i Entertainment, Ahmi was in the Navy as an Aviation Electrician's Mate working on F-14 fighter Jets (this is where the movie 'Top Gun' comes into play - think of the Tomcat that Tom Cruise was flying and then remember - someone has to service his aircraft . . . that's Ahmi). Thankfully she spent several years in the service industry as a bartender (because how do you top F-14 fighter jets?!?). Given how much we do with sound equipment between the disc jockeys, the game shows, and the team building it's good that she also spent time working for another out of state DJ company but she also has experience as a DJ working in several night clubs and restaurants over the years.

    In her down time, she volunteers at animal shelters. As an animals lover she is constantly rescuing strays. She's also a self described ‘book-a-colic'. We asked her ‘how many books are we talking about?' and she replied 'two or three books a week. I have a huge collection of hardbacks, some 1st edition that I inherited.' We are now worried about the shelves in the office that might be home to her overflow.

  • Jamin Johnson

    Jamin is our Operations / I.T. Administrator but is our “hero in the shadows”; hardly ever seen but always there to save the day. Jamin oversees our Financial Operations and Network Infrastructure groups. He is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, vendor and supply chain management, in house hardware and software support for iEntertainment. If we had to describe Jamin, it would be “Tenacious Problem Solver”. There is no challenge Jamin won’t take on and keep going until it’s solved.

    Jamin holds an IT Degree and has 19 years of customer service, operations management, data analysis and supervisory experience. He also earned a Six Sigma White Belt. Jamin likes to get out in the field. You may meet him at a Casino or team building event. Feel free to stop and talk; he’s a hoot and a half with all his talk of balance sheets and printer drivers (okay, this is why he’s not allowed to be a DJ). When he’s not buried in spreadsheets, you’ll find him in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. His meatloaf is pretty freaking awesome!