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Team Building

Most team building programs are 'scalable'. A program can grown or reduced to accommodate nearly every size group. One of our most common questions is 'which program will fit our group'. The following chart is designed to help our clients consider team building programs that first fit the group size that you are planning for.

Also, most team building programs can easily be customized to fit a conference theme, a marketing promotion, or a specific sales focus or goal. Ask our team building specialists how we can customize our team building programs to fit the needs of your group.

Ideal Group Size


Up to 20 Guests


30 to 100 guests


100 or more guests

Food Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Charity Programs

Passive Programs

Low Physical Impact

Active Programs

High Physical Impact

Food Programs

One of the few things that connects everyone is food. The following are food based programs that are designed to bring smaller groups together to create something delicious!

Sweet Success

(ice cream team building)

One of our sweetest programs guaranteed to excite your co-workers involves ice cream. Using cutting edge gastronomic chemical science, your team will learn how to make custom flavored ice cream. There are presentation and design challenges that adds sprinkles of flavor for any group to enjoy.

Cork & Cellar

(wine team building)

Smelling. Pairing. Tasting. Tannins. Each is an important part of enjoying wine but also in our Cork & Cellar Wine Team Building Program. Teams will experience different stations that accentuate each aspect of enjoying wine. This program has been designed for a 'C' Level corporate experience.

Cup Cake Wars

You can be a Cup Cake Boss or you can be a Cake Boss. Either way, you are a boss and you and your team will embrace that boss-ness to create the most unique decoration competition offered by any team building company. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for war! Arm yourself with fondant and frosting and get ready for the tastiest combat of your life!

Salsa Showdown

This is our most popular team building program. It's the right mix of head-to-head competition, creative design, and presentation skill training combined with the look at feel of Texas, to give groups a perfect western taste experience. This program is designed to be the perfect appetizer leading into lunch or dinner and is a perfect ice breaker for an opening night team building experience. Also, remember that salsa pairs well with mojitos or margaritias. (two other things that you can make during your team building program)

Chili Round Up

Cowboys worked the unending plains of Texas with little comfort. One of those cowboy comforts? Chili.
When you want to make a meal and not an appetizer? Chili.
When you want to separate the men and women from the children? Chili.
When you want a team building that will put hair on your chest? Chili.

Most team building companies offer some kind of 'Iron Chef' competition. But when you are in Texas... you want to make something that feels like Texas. So embrace your Texas experience by doing something cowboys did. Without the risk of falling off a horse and hurting yourself.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is an unique way for a company to give to the community. i Entertainment creates customizable experiences that allows your team to give in a memorable and meaningful way. Be sure to ask an i Entertainment Event Specialist how we can build our programs to fit your groups needs.

Bikes w/ Benefits

This is not an assembly line program. This is an active program that has your team interacting with other teams. We've mixed the bike parts for multiple bikes across each team. Some teams have three wheels. Some teams have four seats. Some teams are missing their handle bars. After teams negotiate, present, and build – your company and your team will be able to donate something special that will touch a child's life. Would you like to give something other than bikes? Be sure to check out our 'Gift of Giving' team building program.

The Big Picture

It takes many departments to run a company. This team building program puts a spot light on that concept by having several different teams work on a piece of art and not know, until later in the program, that they are all working on the same picture, just different parts of that picture. How does the group come together to see 'The Big Picture' and how do they use their paint to create something that could inspire those in need? There's only one way to find out so ask us today about this colorful program.

Back Nine: Charity Edition

(mini golf team building)

In this program, each team must create a single mini golf course hole. How the hole is laid out, what hazards you want players to work around, along with the look and the operational mechanics. What all that boils down to is the par. It's all about the par. The par is the number of strokes a player should require for a particular hole in a particular course. In this program, your team sets the par and creates their hole so that everyone playing can reasonably achieve that par. This will invariably lead to everyone playing on the new mini golf course that your company has designed and created. In this program, we use canned and boxed food goods as a part of your course build and those items will be donated to a food bank or community shelter of your choice.

The Gauntlet

From IKEA furniture to children's rocking horses to wheel chairs, we've seen corporate groups build and donate all kinds of things. So much so, that we designed a team building program to make the building of these kinds of items both entertaining and challenging. We call it 'The Gauntlet'. The Gauntlet is a rapid fire series of quick challenge activities. Each person on your team must compete in these activities and upon successfully completing the activity in question, that team member will receive a piece that belongs to their bigger build. Once the team has earned all their parts, only then can they start building their donation item. Looking for great donation ideas? Just ask our Team Building Specialist for ideas.

Passive Programs

Not every group wants to walk away from a team building in a hot and sweaty mess. We've developed a series of low physical impact programs that we kindly refer to as 'passive' programs where teams focus on the nuances of building a team without the exhausting physical activities that some groups do not want.

Murder Mystery

Have you ever wanted to kill your boss? Now you can! Our Murder Mystery team building program starts by doing just that... killing your boss (well, we pretend to kill your boss... your welcome). This program is designed to happen around a lunch or dinner meal. We've laced clues throughout the room allowing each table of guests to become a team and each team is focused on identifying suspects through custom clue packages that have been specially created for your group. Dinner now becomes an interactive experience as teams work to solve their clues to uncover a list of suspects. Those suspects are interrogated after dinner as we eliminate suspects to find the one that killed your boss. And when we find them? They'll be handcuffed and taken away as we explain how they did it. It's a murder! It's a mystery! It's one of the most unique team building experiences you'll ever have.

Back Nine

(mini golf team building)

In this program, each team must create a single mini golf course hole. How the hole is laid out, what hazards you want players to work around, along with the look and the operational mechanics. What all that boils down to is the par. It's all about the par. The par is the number of strokes a player should require for a particular hole in a particular course. In this program, your team sets the par and creates their hole so that everyone playing can reasonably achieve that par. This will invariably lead to everyone playing on the new mini golf course that your company has designed and created.

All In

(casino team building)

You have to know when to hold them. You have to know when to fold them. You have to know when to walk away. You have to know when to run. We've taken elements of some of the most popular casino games in the event industry and applied those elements into our 'All In' Casino Team Building. So regardless if you prefer black jack, Texas Hold 'em, roulette, or craps or if you don't know anything about gambling – this team building program will not only create a unique bonding experience with your team, it will also make you more comfortable with these popular games. After this program, if you ever find yourself at a casino table trying to determine if you want to 'Stay' or 'Hit' – you'll be better able to answer that question after we're done with you.

Bitter Fowl

Drivers to your cars! Pit crews at the ready! The hopes and dreams that fuel this high powered machine are now on the line. You have a need for speed. Speed that can only be provided through gravity! Let us explain. You and your team design a high performance race car. Calibrating the wheel alignment, checking the chassis, and making the appropriate calibrations to win your race is job number one after you build the car. But only amateurs rely on metal and rubber to build their machines. You are a professional. You can make a high performance vehicle out of anything. So to prove that, we're providing milk cartons, plastic water bottles, and other recyclable materials to build pinewood derby-eque cars down our multi-lane track. Teams are judged not on the success of their car while racing against other cars. Teams are also judged on the creativity and design of their cars and the creation of their winners circle.

Recycled Racing

This is a two part program. Not only do you get to design a structure that will house pigs but you get to strategize (and then try to destroy) other team's structures. You and your group get to design your own versions of this popular cultural game phenomenon and points are awarded both on how well you build and how well you aim. Our apologies in advance that our birds don't blow up or split into multiple birds. We're working on it.

This Too Shall Pass

(Rube Goldberg team building)

Before you ask 'what's a Rube Goldberg'... do a quick YouTube search for the band 'Ok Go' and their song 'This Too Shall Pass' and you will see this program in action. Each team is given one task. Build a simple machine that performs one action on it's own and that one action then activates (or leads to the activation) of another team's simple machine. Using everything from pipe cleaners to plastic bottles to twine to plastic wrap. What you are given and how you use it is the name of the game. Whether you have 10 teams working together or 100 teams working together – the end result will be the same: many teams, working independently, to create something that has never existed before. If you want a program that your co-workers will be talking about for years to come, then you've found it in this team building program.

Active Programs

Does your group want a team building experience where they walk away and feel like they've done something? Does your group want to work hard and play hard? Then you've found the team building programs for your group. These are some of our most popular team building programs that bring clients back time and time again.

Hungry Hippos

Two words. High. Octane. That's the only way to describe this program. Four teams compete to capture as many balls as possible from our collider. Riding on belly boards and zooming low to the ground is a lot of fun and creates a highly competitive fast paced environment. We've assigned different point values to each of the colors featured on our balls so that teams aren't just working to get as many balls as possible, but rather as many balls that will result in higher points as possible. There are also several 'mini' games and some times competitive 'heats' as well. Regardless of the structure, this program is a lot of fun. So much fun, that when we are done, our groups always want to play a little more.


Picture a team of your coworkers waiting as seconds tick by. Someone's cell phone vibrates. It's a text message. The message says "Find a Starbucks. Order a Venti Chi Latte with skim milk, no foam, with a shot of vanilla. Text back the cost of your order in Canadian Loons."

This is the iHunt team building program in a nut shell. Teams are sent a challenge to complete. Once they complete the challenge, they send proof that they completed the challenge before heading to the next one. This is a custom designed program where the challenges, the location, and the guests in attendance are considered when creating this program.

Trash Boat Regatta

Your team has to build a boat that must be strong enough to hold one person afloat while being sturdy enough to survive several races across either a hotel swimming pool or body of water. Did we mention you are building a boat out of recycled materials? We provide an odd and unusual assortment of recycled plastic to build with so that each team can create a truly memorable trash boat as a part of our regatta. Additional points and prizes can be tied to design themes, scavengered items, and dressing the ship's Capitan.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Each team is handed a digital camera and a custom designed book that has a series of pictures along with a route for each team to follow. Each member of the team takes turns recreating the pictures provided in the book. Points are given for recreating the poses, the facial expressions, and the camera angles in the pictures we provide you. Teams are to find the locations outlined in the books, recreate the images, and focus on accuracy, not speed. It's not how fast you take the picture, it's how well you take the picture to recreate the image provided. Attention to detail is the focus of this program. But we haven't told you the best part. At the end of the program, we provide you with a thumb drive so you have black mail pictures when you get back to the office. It's the team building program that keeps on giving. You're welcome!

Minute 2 Win It

The popular television game show is one of our most requested team building programs. Instead of an audience watching one person play a game, we've redesigned this program so that multiple teams send up a representative and those representatives compete in individual head-to-head games. We provide a series of games with multiple set-ups of each game. Teams send representatives to play the game with each winning team receiving points. The team with the most points at the end of the program will be our winning team. This is a highly competitive program that is incredibly fast paced.

The Incredible Race

Teams compete across several challenge stations with each team racing to finish all their challenges first. Teams can throw road blocks in the way of other teams while slower teams are eliminated during this program. Challenge stations can be designed around certain internal challenges your team may be facing or it can be designed as a fast paced competitive program. Either way, your co workers will have a blast as they race against each other to see who will win – the Incredible Race!

Line Dance Team Building

Our team building facilitation team will show you three popular line dances. Learn 'em. Know 'em. Because everything we are going to show you can't be used going forward. After we show and explain how a line dance works - we are going to have your team create their own. We will provide you with a music source and sound system with a limited playlist to choose from. Your team will need to choose a song, create and practice a customized playlist, and then prepare to present that line dance to the judging panel. The judging panel can either be your judges or ours - but the judges will score each routine in the same fashion as 'America's Got Talent' with the team having the highest score at the end - teaching their line dance to the entire group.

Ultimate Board Game

What happens when you provide a life sized Monopoly Board with life sized Monopoly pieces? You have one of the most excited team building programs offered in the United States. We use this giant Monopoly board as the 'switch board' that takes teams from one challenging action station to another challenging action station. Teams can earn points by completing action stations or just passing 'Go' on the game board and collecting $200.00. It's a combination of these strategies that creates a competitive team building program that you won't find any where other than with i Entertainment's team building services.

Wild Wild West

How was the West won? If you ask us, we'll tell you that there were wild broncos that had to be tamed. Your trigger finger had to be finely tuned. And you had to learn how to break in and out of the Sheriff's jail. These are just a few of the challenge stations we've designed in our Wild Wild West team building. Pull up your boot straps! Square your hat! It's a Texas Team Building ya'all!

Corporate Survivor

Outsmart. Outplay. Outfun. These are the basic tenets our version of Corporate Survivor where teams have to outsmart, outplay, and outfun the other teams. Some challenges will be physical. Some challenges will be mental. This program is highly customized so that both physical and mental challenges can be contoured to fit the team building needs of the group. We've also incorporated the concept of elimination so that teams are eliminated through out the program so that at the end, only one team can be crowned 'Corporate Survivor'.

Zombie Apocalypse

This is a head-to-head team building program that pits humans against the undead in a series of high stakes apocalypse themed challenges. Humans work tirelessly through challenge after challenge trying to stay ahead of the hungry undead while the zombies... are tirelessly working through challenge after challenge trying to eat the living.

Some corporate clients are not comfortable with the undead. So we offer other variations on this theme. We've had groups modify to include: super heroes vs. super villains, outlaws vs. lawmen, and even Republicans vs. Democrats. If you are trying to design a large group team building program, this is the program to start with. Ask one of our team building specialists how this team building program can be modified for your group!